Syd's Pies

Syd's Pies

Syd's Pies factory have long been renown for selling quality pies and the best in town, so much so that every year the pies are entered in The All Australian Meat Pie Competition and every year they have a successful result, taking Silver & Bronze awards in the meat pie category and also a silver in the vegetarian section.

The secret to the success of Syd's pie factory lies with the owners, Syd and Anna, whos ambition is to not only be the best pie makers in Queensland but also Australia. Syd and Anna's motto is "If Your Going To do It, DO IT RIGHT" and they must be doing it right as their products are in such high demand that Syd's pies will soon be mobile, with vans reaching out to even greater numbers of customers. 


Scottish pies
Chunky Steak Pie
Beef/Guinness Pie
Steak /Cheese + Bacon
Steak /Mushroom
Steak / Pepper
Steak /Kidney
Topside Mince
Vegetarian Pasties (perfect for vegetarians)
Cornish Pasties
Bacon Egg Pie
Egg Slice
Vegetable Slice

All of the above pies are available in family size to order!


Apple Tart
Apple Rhubarb Tart
Apple Pie
Apple and Rhubarb Pie
Apple Turnovers

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