At Syd's Pie factory, we gain much pleasure in seeing the excitement of customers when they walk in the door and realise that we stock a large range of confectionary, biscuits and other favourites, directly imported from the UK. Further joy when they realise, we also sell haggis, square slice, tattie scones and other traditional products, which are made fresh by Syd and staff. So popular are all these products that we are in fact expanding shop in order to provide more room to display the quality goods. So look out for even more products coming soon. For a list of the tantalising products available please see below.

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Traditional Products

Potato Bread Tattie Scones.
Clootie Dumpling.
Square Slice
Scottish Pies.
Ashet Steak Pies.
Scotch Eggs.
Scottish Black Pudding.
Brides (Scottish Pasties)
Gammon Steaks
Gammon Rashers
Ayrshire Bacon

A full range on Scottish shelf lines are also available.

Imported Products

Vanilla Tablet
Rowentrees Jelly.
Rowentrees Fruit Pastiles and Gums.
Bisto Gravy Powder and Granules.
Paxo Sage/Onion Stuffing.
Colmans Mint Sauce.
Blue Riband Biscuits.
Orange or Fruit Club Biscuits.
Caramac Bars .
Whispa Bars.
Yorkie Bars.
Macaroon Bars .
Irn Bru Bars.
Galaxy Bars.
Double Decker Bars.
Nougat Wafers and Oyster Shells.
Choc Buttons.
Poppets Toffee or Raisen.
Popic Bars.
Toffee Crisps.
Frys Choc or Orange Cream.
Large Pear Drops.
Wine Gums.
Pineapple Cubes.
Cola Cubes.
Anaseed Balls.
Liquorice Comfits.
Dolly Mixtures.
Golden Wonder Crisps Asst.
Irn Bru Drinks.
Vimto Drinks.
Tizer Drinks.

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